Sea Stories Book


True adventures of Great Lakes freighter Captain, Richard Metz.

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The Triumphs, Struggles, and Secrets of a Captain’s Life

Richard Metz was a Great Lakes captain for 20 years. He experienced wild weather, close calls, near misses, and events that can only be described as “unimaginable.” He has incredible sea stories to tell, and now they are yours to enjoy. Take an entertaining look at life aboard a variety of Great Lakes ships. Read 26 compelling tales of a Great Lakes crewmate and captain, including stories about the Gales of November, the night of the Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking, and more. Plus, you’ll be fascinated by the details and full-color photographs of the ships themselves. If you’re a history buff, a Great Lakes enthusiast, a ship watcher, or a fan of a good yarn, Sea Stories is for you!


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